• Effective ministry aimed at preparing believers to live in the fullness of their privileges in Christ Jesus.


  • Teaching and preaching Christ Jesus Crucified, the only hope of glory for all mankind.
  • Being instant in prayer with all manner of prayers in communion with God.
  • Living out God’s love, as the way of life towards all mankind.


  1. Salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone, as the son of God and God’s sacrifice for the sin of the world.
  2. The Bible as the truth of God that says what it means and means what it says. Also given to reveal God through the knowledge of Jesus Christ to believers.
  3. The unchanging nature of God and the infallibility of the Holy Scriptures as the only record that authenticates the truth.
  4. The indispensable role of the Holy Spirit as our guide and helper in all of our Christian life and endeavors.
  5. The sanctity of marriage as a union between a man and a woman and of sex as only within marriage. Character as the heart of good Christian witness and ministry.
  6. The grace of God saves us and gives us the ability to overcome the sinful desires of the flesh, the ungodly world system, and enticement of satan to sin.
  7. The love of God as demonstrated by actions of mercy, compassion, forgiveness, charitable giving and putting value on every human life.
  8. The teaching and the studying of the Holy Bible as indispensable to Christian growth and maturity. And making disciples of our Lord.
  9. Prayer of faith as Key to accessing Divine help and intervention and power.
  10. Preaching of the good news of the gospel is a duty of everyone who has been saved by it.
  11. Healthy Church birthing as an effective means of spreading the gospel.