The Council of Foursquare Men (CFM)


To develop intimacy with our Creator through our personal relationship with his son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and to discover the power of the Holy Spirit.


To achieve our mission statement, the men of Foursquare (CFM) is dedicated to bringing glory to God by making themselves available for Christ-like service leadership in their homes, churches, workplaces, and community.


  1. Prayer – Prayer meetings that are separate from the regular monthly meetings. (Prayer chains in groups 3s).
  2. Leadership by example:
    • Becoming the project arm of the church. The major focus of the CFM should be to take leading roles on major projects of the church, for example; Church property acquisitions, improving the living conditions of our senior pastor, and by being our brother’s keeper as led by the Holy Spirit.
    • The CFM will encourage members to assist each other in business establishments, contract acquisition, acquiring better jobs, etc, to the best of our abilities and contacts. We shall also ensure that we fully encourage and support each other Spiritually and materially – rejoice with them and mourn with them through our overwhelming presence in times of need.
  3. Service by Doing – We shall not only be hearers of the word, but also doers of what word says in Obedience to God.

OUR CHARACTER (HOPE) Reliable and faithful members




E – EVER READY TO SERVE (2 Timothy 2:2)

Programs up to Date:

Father’s Day – June 17th, 2018

Men’s Retreat – August 24-26 2018 @ TBD

Men’s day – October 21st, 2018

Meeting Times:

Date: 2nd Saturday of the month

Time: 3 pm

Venue: Church Premises